August Thomasson

August Thomasson (b. 1998) lives in the southern parts of Sweden, right where the nothern firforests meets the middle-european beechforests. He studies natural science with physics orientation in Lund. Nature has been a part of August's life since childhood. Something as simple as chasing butterflies evolvde into a dedicated birdwatching interest. Not long after, he picked up a photographical interest.


August has been published in both national and international magazines such as Fotosidans magasin and Rare birds of the world. He has been a guest of the swedish radioprogram Naturmorgon, talking about birdwatching and photography, live from the field. His exhibtion - Animlas & Nature, in weak lighting - reacently ended, with the theme of pictures when the natural light just is not enough.


Spreading experiances and knowlege, with a touch of creativity, to the people that miss out on that increadible moonrise over the often so crowded beach or that dew covered dragonfly trying to survive yet another cold morning, is the one of the reason to why August works hard in the field. Seeing his own improvment and changes of style is another one.



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