Denise Eriksson

Denise Eriksson is a photographer born in Sweden in 1995. Ever since she was a little girl she always had a great passion for wildlife and nature. Therefore Africa was my biggest dream destination and in 2013 that dream came true! As a part of a highschool project she travelled to South Africa to work as a volunteer, take pictures and begin to study the rhino poaching issue. The journey got off to a great start ­the first animal she saw when she entered the reserve were four white rhinos, peacefully resting under the shade of a big tree. They didn’t seem to have any problems in the world totally unawere of their critical situation.

In the summer of 2014, she received a scholarship from Hasselblad Foundation to support her project raising awareness of rhino poaching. She spent five months in South Africa learning, studying, volunteering and photographing Africa’s wildlife, and in particular the Southern White Rhino. She also visited the anti­poaching unit, Protrack, to get a better idea of the whole situation and what is being done in order to protect this species. With her own eyes, she was able to experience herself what hard work goes into protecting the species, and she came to understand how they risk their own lives every day to protect the lives of the rhinos. During her time in Afrca she also had the unfortunate experience of witnessing rhino poaching with her own eyes. That experience, although horrific, made her determined to dedicate her life to helping protect these animals! Through her photography, she wants to show others the beauty of these animals and our wildlife. She want to share her passion and hopefully​ ignite the flame within others, inspiring others to make a positive difference, too



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