Edwin Sahlin

Edwin Sahlin (b. 1997) studies nature science in Eskilstuna, Sweden. He has been into photography since 2010, and during 2014 he was awarded as finalist in the 15-17 year old category, in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, with his image ”Snowbird”. The awards ceremony of the 50th WPOTY in London was truly one of his most coolest and memorable events in life so far. Earlier the same year he got the title ”Young Nordic Nature Photographer of the Year 2014” in the Nordic Nature Photo Contest, included a portfolio of 6 images.


He has an extra interest in birds, which is unmistakable when browsing through his images. For the moment his own favorite style of images is to capture birds or mammals in their environment, both with tele lenses and wide-angles. Also the way of capture the atmosphere of the moment, stays as one of the most important details when creating images with a more artistic touch.


Latest in time he finished his exhibition ”Fem år”. With images from the first beginning, to ones from his latest trips.




Website: www.edwinphoto.se

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