Erik Berg

Erik Berg was born in Sweden in the spring of 1997. Since he was just a little child he has been interested in just about everything you can find in the wild. Mammals, insects, fish, plants and especially birds. In 2009, Erik bought his first camera, and since that moment he’s been stuck.


For now, Erik lives in Västerås, Sweden. He spends most of his spare time in different wolf-territories near his hometown, night-time as well as daytime, although he has only succeeded in seeing these rare mammals a few times.


Erik’s favourite subjects are birds of prey and in his pictures, he wants to depict the feeling of the moment, with subject in their natural habitats.


The wildlife photography has brought innumerable memories to Erik. His favourite is from the Swedish Mountains 2015. At that journey, he succeeded in photographing Snowy owls and Arctic fox, two species that are quite rare in Sweden.





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