Jennifer Johansson

Jennifer Johansson (b. 1996) is a Swedish photographer with the focus set on nature and animals. The interest in fauna and flora has always been with her and also to photograph was something she was fascinated by in an early age. With everything from disposable cameras to the Canon 7D she's using today, she has been trying to capture the moment and show the magic that exists within everything in our world. In 2013, Jennifer began her first of three photo courses at Sundlergymnasiet in Vårgårda, and since that day she have developed as a photographer more than she ever dared to hope for, and Jennifer's photography has gone from an interest to a lifestyle. Now she's a photographer from top to toe and she can't resist shooting if the opportunity arises.


Since Jennifer is born with a hearth disease she have physical limitations compared to other people, but that doesn't stop her from being creative and find images in her area. Therefore almost all of her photos are taken just outside her door or in the surrounding area. She wants her images to show that you do not need to go far to find good photographical enviroment and new objects, it is enough to walk out the door and open your eyes. Every time Jennifer looks through the camera she sees a different world, a wonderful one that sometimes is hidden to the human eye and mostly often overlooked by

people. She wants to show how beautiful the world we live in actually is, and incerease the understanding of the importance of taking care of our planet.







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