Johnny Larsen

Johnny Larsen (b. 1997) is a freelance nature photographer from Norway. He has from he was a little boy loved to go adventuring in the nature, all the way from under the sea to deep in the woods. He has always been driven by extreme curiosity, spending hours studying birds and animals’ behavior, trying to understand as much about their nature as he can.


At the age of 15 he got his first DSLR as a gift from his father, after that things escalated quickly. The camera became a mandatory companion on all of his travels. His hope is to give people a closer relationship to the nature through his photographs so that maybe more people would care about it.


His main clients are shipyards, buying images as decorations onboard their ships, so naturally many of his photographs have a marine connection - nevertheless, when he has the time, he will mostly travel out in the Norwegian forests, days at the time, tracking down and trying to get personalized photographs from the boreal wild and its inhabitants.

At school he has a tendency to drift away into the photography world, always planning new projects and photographs.


Although he will always strive for the “perfect picture” he thinks about one thing first;


“When I am out there, I am a visitor in their world, I have to play by their rules. If the animals don’t care about, or haven’t noticed my presence, it has been a good day.”




Instagram: johnny.jlarsen

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