Linus Andersson

Linus Andersson (b. 2001) lives at the edge of the highlands of Småland in the southern parts of Sweden. He has grown up on the family farm and is the sixth generation living there, so the nature and the forest in particular has always been a natural part of the everyday life.

By the age of 9 Linus started to photograph more regularly and in particular photographs of the landscape around the family farm. After travelling to northern parts of sweden and southern Europe with his family landscape photography has become the favourite in his portfolio.

Linus interest in nature and wildlife is a very good combination with his interest in photography. Linus says - With my photos I want to show the beauty of nature and that we have to take care of it so we can enjoy it in the future.


In 2014 Linus picture “hay bales in field” got chosen to an exhibition at the Stockholm photo fair.




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