Louise Nordström Pettersson

Louise Nordström Pettersson (b. 1991) is a photographer from southern Sweden. She grew up in a small village with both the forest and the sea minutes away from her home. At the age of 14 she got her first camera and fell in love with photography. Over the next ten years her photography skills improved a lot and her love for nature grew stronger.



In 2016 she started her own business – Nature by Louise, where she have worked with companies such as WOW Air, the Swedish Natural History Museum and different tourist offices in Sweden.


In 2017 she moved to the Åland Islands (Finland) where she studied Wilderness/Outdoor life and Photography for a year.


Her favourite things to photograph are sunrises in the forest, sunsets by the sea and the night sky with our fabulous galaxy the Milky Way, sometimes seen together with some rare northern lights!



Website: www.naturebylouise.com

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