Samuel Persson

Samuel (b.1997) has always been interested in nature. His dad often took him birding or hiking as a kid but it's during the later years that he's really gotten into it. He realised that with a pair of binoculars and a camera you could spend endless amount of time outside.

It first started off as just birdwatching and a field trip to Kenya in high school really got the ball rolling. Today he focuses more on photography and to capture the special encounters with birds. His favorite enviroments are swamps and wetlands where birds stop to rest or breed.


Sharing awareness and experience is very important to him. He leads excursions with the bird club of Uppland in hope to get more people interested and dedicated to what nature has to offer.

Samuel is now studying biology at SLU in Uppsala and hopes to work within the field of nature conservancy in the near future.

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