Simon Carrington

Simon Carrington (b. 2000) was born in Oslo, Norway, but has grown up in Kalmar, south of Sweden. He studies his second year in natural science at a gymnasium in Kalmar. He became interested in photography in the summer of 2016, but has always been fascinated by animals and especially birds for a long time. It´s the life of the birds, that inspires him the most, when it comes to photographing.


Simon started as a bird-watcher in 2015. In a short period of time, he has learnt a lot about birds and has spent many hours just watching and observing their behavior. It´s while his is bird-watching that he takes his photos and not the other way around. He uses different kind of photographing techniques, but really likes to play with long exposure times. Using that kind of style of photographing, the photos become more alike paintings than photos.



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