Stian Norum Herlofsen

Stian Norum Herlofsen (b. 1995) is a nature photographer from Aurskog Høland, Norway. Nature and being outside has always been a important part of his life. At the age of 13 he bought him self a DSLR, and since then the passion for capturing moments has been a part of his life.


When he got time, he can’t wait to go out and capture new moments. Having the forest just outside of his home, it’s easy to find inspiration. Through out his work, the passion for sharing and showing his work to others is what’s most important for him.


For a year now, he has been working as a photographer for the Norwegian army (His Majesty The King's Guard). For the next year he will continue by exploring the forests near his home, and travelling around. At the autumn of 2016, the plan for Stian is to start studying photography.








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