Teemu Heinonen

Teemu Heinonen (b. 1998) is a nature photographer and student from Finland. His father has been also nature photographer, and the final spark for photoing started when he gets his first own camera on 12th birthday. Teemu is interesting of all kind of nature. First was birds the biggest photo objects, but last two years after getting own Macro lens macro pictures has been take more effect. Teemu and his father have been couple of times in Lappland to photo Finnish wild animals bear, wolf and wolverine.

Teemu is now on first year student at Paasikivi Opisto, Finland and will become media assistant, majoring photographing.


He has been two times on third place in Skandinavian biggest photo contest Finnish Photograph of the Year, at the young category (2014 and 2015), and also third place at international Oasis Photoconcest, Italy in 2015


Website: www.teemuheinonen.kuvat.fi

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